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Galaxy Workshops at University of Southern California

Galaxy Workshops at University of Southern California

There will be two Galaxy workshops at the University of Southern California (USC) later this month. Both are presented by Jeremy Goecks of Emory University and the Galaxy team. Both workshops are open to the public:

Galaxy: A web‐based workbench for interactive and reproducible analysis of high‐throughput sequencing data, Thursday, June 23, 2011

At Aresty Auditorium, Harylene J Norris Cancer Research Tower, USC Health Science Campus, 1450 Biggy Street
Registration is free, but required.
Introduction to Galaxy including 30 min. Q&A Session
High‐throughput sequencing data analysis including 45 min. Q&A Session

Progress and Challenges in Developing a Web-based Platform for Computational Biomedical Research, Friday, June 24, 2011

See USC ISI AI Seminar Page for details on time and location.
The recent reliance on computation in biology has created an informatics crisis for biomedical researchers: computational resources are often difficult to use, communicating techniques and experiments is challenging, and reproducibility is very limited. Galaxy is one approach for addressing these problems. Galaxy is a popular Web-based platform for performing accessible, reproducible, and transparent genomics research. Galaxy provides a collaborative environment for performing complex analyses with automatic and unobtrusive provenance tracking; these features allow transparent sharing of both the precise computational details underlying an analysis and also intent, context, and narrative. Based on experiences with Galaxy, Jeremy will discuss some open problems that might be addressed using artificial intelligence methods and techniques.

Posted to the GMOD News on 2011/06/17