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I would like to nominate ISGA for GMOD Membership. ISGA is a bioinformatics pipeline service based on the Ergatis workflow system. ISGA comes with prokaryotic annotation and assembly pipelines and offers an intuitive interface for biologists to run and customize pipelines. ISGA also integrates tools such as GBrowse and BLAST for visualizing and analyzing pipeline results. Since ISGA utilizes Ergatis, ISGA pipelines can be submitted back to the Ergatis community and Ergatis pipelines can be adapted to use ISGA.

ISGA (pronounced "I-S-G-A") was created at Indiana University's Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics (CGB) by Chris Hemmerich, Aaron Buechlein, Ram Podicheti, Kashi Revanna, and Qunfeng Dong. CGB also hosts a public installation of ISGA.

I believe that ISGA meets all of GMOD's membership requirements. The CGB is willing to support ISGA for at least 2 years. ISGA could be useful to anyone working with complex pipelines and is directly applicable to existing and potential Ergatis users. Please see the ISGA page for more information.

If you have any feedback or comments on ISGA becoming a part of GMOD, please send send it to the help desk by August 6.


Dave Clements
GMOD Help Desk

Posted to the GMOD News on 2010/07/29