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September 2010 GMOD Meeting

InterMine Workshop
BioMart Workshop
GMOD Europe 2010

GMOD Europe 2010 was held 13-16 September, 2010 in Cambridge, UK. More than 60 people attended one or more of the events during the week. The September 2010 GMOD Meeting kicked off GMOD Europe 2010. Summaries of all 19 talks are now available on the September 2010 GMOD Meeting page. Talks were given by GMOD users, developers and staff, including:

Plus many other excellent presentations on topics ranging from Cosmic GBrowse to GMOD Sustainability and Organization.

Two Satellite Meetings followed the GMOD meeting. These were lively discussions with ~10 participants on two topics of interest to the GMOD community:

There is also a writeup of the satellites by Mary Mangan on the OpenHelix blog.

The week finished with a BioMart Workshop, which was full, and a InterMine Workshop that was nearly sold out as well.

Finally, I'd like to thank the Cambridge Computational Biology Institute and the School of Biological Sciences Bioinformatics Training Facility for sponsoring and hosting the GMOD Europe 2010 events. I would also like to heap copious gratitude on Gos Micklem, Shelley Lawson, Dave Judge, Xose Fernandez, Syed Haider, and Richard Smith for their work on making this event happen.

Dave Clements
GMOD Help Desk

Posted to the GMOD News on 2010/10/15