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CVS Subversion

GMOD's CVS source code repository was converted to Subversion (SVN) on September 15, 2009. Directions on how to use SVN are explained at Version Control System Access. Details of the conversion itself are at CVS to Subversion Conversion.

Inactive projects were moved out of the main directory and placed in the Inactive directory. The CVS repository is still there and accessible, but it is now read-only. The GMOD web site has been updated to reflect the move to Subversion.

We have identified a few outstanding issues and these are listed on the conversion page. If you come across any additional issues, please either update that list or email the GMOD Help Desk.

Finally, many thanks to Rob Buels of Cornell / SGN for doing the work.

Dave Clements

Posted to the GMOD News on 2009/09/15