June 2006 GMOD Meeting

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GMOD Generic Model Organism Database

Meeting 8

June 29-30 NESCent, Durham, NC



June 29

8:30 Shuttle from hotel to NESCent

9:00 Introductions - Scott Cain

9:20 About NESCent - Todd Vision, Kathleen Smith

9:30 Project updates - GBrowse, Apollo, PubSearch SGD-gmod.pp SGD etc

10:45 Coffee break

11:00 Whats_new.ppt GMOD Update, including:

  • 0.01 release
  • Changes to GFF3 data mapping
  • New schema elements
  • State of integration: Apollo, GBrowse, CMap, BioMart,AmiGO

12:00 Lunch

1:15 SynBrowse--What's new and obtaining/creating data for use.
Xiaokang Pan, Iowa State University

1:45 gmodj06-genomegrid-dgg.pdf GMODTools, gff2biomart, and genome grid tools
Don Gilbert, Indiana University

2:15 BioMart
Arek Kasprzyk, EBI

2:45 Coffee

3:00 biocyc-GMOD-2006.ppt Pathway Tools
Suzanne Mercer Paley, SRI

3:30 GMOD Architecture Working Group - GMOD_Architecture.ppt Finding requirements for a 'toy' application for testing middleware
Scott Cain as a proxy for Eric Just, DictyBase

4:30 GMOD organizational stuff

  • Future meetings?
  • Coordinated publications?

5:00 Break for dinner

June 30

8:30 Shuttle from hotel to NESCent

9:00 Todd Vision - vision.pdf NESCent, its role in enabling evolutionary model organism databases, and population and phylogenetic visualization

9:15 Terry Casstevens - GDPDM_GMOD_presentation20060630.ppt The Genomic Diversity and Phenotype Data Model

9:40 John Willis - willis.pdf Mimulus as an example of an evolutionary model system

9:55 Owen McMillan - mcmillan.pdf Extension of Chado for Heliconius

10:10 David Kidd - kidd.pdf Visualizing phylogeographic patterns

10:30 Coffee

10:45 Jason Stajich - Stajich_GMOD_2006-06-30.pdf Fungal comparative genomics

11:10 Hilmar Lapp - lapp.pdf An evolutionary ontology proposal

11:35 Discussion of planned projects and grant applications and how to avoid duplication and encourage cooperation

12:00 Lunch

1:15 (Presentations, show and tell, depends on what suggestions we get).