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The cssClass option makes it possible to choose how a JBrowse track will look by selecting a pre-existing template. Every built-in JBrowse track template is defined as a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) class in the file 'genome.css'. This file can be edited as a regular text file, and classes can be added, changed, or removed (although direct editing is not necessary; it is possible to use the clientConfig option to avoid changing genome.css). The argument to the cssClass option is the name of a class in genome.css.

JBrowse CSS Classes

As of JBrowse v1.2.1, these classes are available:

Class Name Shows Strand Information Other Details
basic No Useful when it is desirable for the track appearance to be defined entirely by clientConfig.
cds0 Yes
cds1 Yes
cds2 Yes
dblhelix No A black double helix outline is superimposed over the light red background.
est No
exon No
feature Yes
feature2 Yes
feature3 Yes
feature4 Yes Pacman design.
feature5 Yes
generic_parent No
generic_part_a No
helix No A single black coil outline is superimposed over a faint green background.
transcript No
transcript-CDS No
transcript-exon No
transcript-five_prime_UTR No Identical to transcript-exon.
transcript-three_prime_UTR No Identical to transcript-exon.
transcript-UTR No Identical to transcript-exon.
triangle No

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