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All information on this wiki is copyright ©2001–2013 the Generic Model Organism Database project. Permission to use the information and software contained in this wiki was given by the researchers and institutes who contributed or published it. Documents and software from this server are provided "as-is" without any warranty, expressed or implied.

Please note that this website has nothing to do with Garry's Mod, despite having a similar acronym.

The Generic Model Organism Database wiki is an online open-content collaborative effort, and the contents of this wiki are editable by anyone working on the GMOD project. Project members are encouraged to create an account and contribute to the information and documentation for their area of work.

If you find content that you believe to be erroneous, to have been added maliciously, or unrelated to the GMOD project (i.e. spam), please remove it or report it to the GMOD helpdesk at

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