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About Biological Database of Images and Genomes (BioDIG)

BioDIG is a collection of software tools to connect image and genomic data. While we are experiencing an explosion in both sequence and image data, we need to link these two types of data. Examples include: model organism mutations, cell morphology — e.g. pathology and cancer and any type of phenotype data that can be imaged, that can be associated with one or more genes. Anything from a blue whale to a virus, really.

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Publications on or mentioning BioDIG

  • Andrew T. Oberlin, Dominika A. Jurkovic, Mitchell F. Balish, Iddo Friedberg (2013) Biological Database of Images and Genomes: tools for community annotations linking image and genomic information [1] (Database, in press)

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Friedberg Lab, Miami University, Oxford OH, USA

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Raw tool data at BioDIG/tool data