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The Apollo genome annotation editor, which is a Java application, allows users to view, create, and edit genomic annotations in a graphical environment. WebApollo is a new project that aims to provide similar functionality in a client-server web-based environment.

Our overall goal is to develop a lightweight Web 2.0 infrastructure that will offer easy-to-use tools for collaborative genome annotation. This includes the design and implementation of:

  1. a web browser-based version of Apollo built on top of JBrowse
  2. full support for two-way client-server exchange of genome annotations (DAS2)
  3. an annotation tracking system designed to support collaborative genome research projects

The WebApollo project is a collaboration between Suzanna Lewis's group at LBNL (the Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-source Projects group, or BBOP) and Chris Elsik's group at Georgetown.


Project members

  • Suzanna Lewis (PI, LBNL)
  • Ian Holmes (PI, UC Berkeley)
  • Chris Elsik (PI, Georgetown)
  • Chris Childers (Georgetown)
  • Nomi Harris (LBNL)
  • Gregg Helt (LBNL)
  • Ed Lee (LBNL)
  • Justin Reese (Georgetown)
  • Mitch Skinner (UC Berkeley)
  • Jay Sundaram (Georgetown)


Meeting notes

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