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Hardwood Genomics Project

Margaret Staton

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

I am developing genetic and genomic tools for a variety of important North American hardwood tree species. These resources enable elucidation of the molecular basis of tree response to stresses including heat, drought, ozone, and introduced pests and pathogens. Specifically I am interested in American chestnut, black walnut and oak species, all of which have critical diseases with major economic and ecological implications.

I am also interested in the public dissemination of research data through online knowledge databases, particularly in increasing communication from scientists to the general public. I developed and host a public website that provides open access for scientific researchers for hardwood tree data, such as genome sequences, differential gene expression profiles, DNA markers, QTL maps and physical maps ( Through the integration of outreach activities and newsletters, the site also provides a critical information source for the public about ongoing tree threats and publicly funded initiatives to understand and combat these threats.