Training and Outreach

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Training and outreach is about several things. GMOD training teaches new and existing GMOD users how to use GMOD Components to help meet the goals of their organizations. GMOD outreach activities aim to inform biologists and bioinformaticists about what GMOD can do. This page describes GMOD training and outreach activities.

Training and outreach are done by the GMOD Project Coordinator, the GMOD Help Desk, GMOD component developers, and even by GMOD users.

Please contact the GMOD Help Desk if you have a training and outreach question or request.

GMOD Summer Schools

GMOD Online Training 2014 GMOD Malaysia 2014 2013 GMOD Summer School 2012 GMOD Summer School 2011 GMOD Spring Training 2010 Americas 2009 Europe 2009 Americas

GMOD Schools are hands-on multi-day courses aimed at teaching new GMOD users how to get up and running with GMOD. Schools introduce participants to GMOD and focus on installation, configuration and integration of popular GMOD Components.

Date School Location
2014 February 26-28 GMOD Malaysia 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 19-23 GMOD Online Training 2014 Online!
2013 July 19-23 2013 GMOD Summer School NESCent, Durham, NC, United States
2012 August 24-29 2012 GMOD Summer School NESCent, Durham, NC, United States
2011 March 8-12 2011 GMOD Spring Training NESCent, Durham, NC, United States
2010 May 6-9 2010 GMOD Summer School - Americas NESCent, Durham, NC, United States
2009 3-6 August 2009 GMOD Summer School - Europe Oxford, United Kingdom
16-19 July 2009 GMOD Summer School - Americas NESCent, Durham, NC, United States
2008 11-13 July 2008 GMOD Summer School NESCent, Durham, NC, United States

Other Training

This section lists GMOD related training that happens outside of the GMOD Summer Schools.


GMOD also offers workshops at conferences. These can be purely training, purely outreach, or a mixture of the two. This section also lists training on specific GMOD Components.


Some presentations and most posters are for the outreach. That is, they are about letting people know what can be done with GMOD, rather than the details of how it is done.

GMOD Community Meetings

January in San Diego - think about that January 2009 GMOD Meeting}}
January 2009 GMOD Meeting

Finally, once or twice a year the GMOD community gathers to discuss GMOD Components, usage, and direction. These meetings usually occur immediately before or after a major conference that is likely to be of interest to members of the community. Meetings are open to everyone: developers, users, and potential users. Registration is often free. GMOD also sponsors a few other types of meetings such as hackathons. See Meetings for more.