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(Search Announce, Dev, Galaxy Biostar, Proteomics & France) | galaxy-announce | Announcements of interest to the Galaxy community. Low volume and moderated. | Nabble, Mailman |- | galaxy-dev | Discussion and questions regarding local installations and development of Galaxy. High volume. | Nabble, GMane, Mail-Archive.com, OSDir, Mailman |- | Galaxy Biostar | General questions and discussion about using Galaxy. Also used for announcements relevant to the Galaxy user community. This is not a mailing list, but an online forum, based on the popular Biostar platform. High volume. | Galaxy Biostar has an archive of all postings, and also any threads that were posted to the galaxy-user mailing list that it replaced. Galaxy-user only archives are available at Nabble, GMane (2011-14), Mail-Archive.com (2012-14), OSDir (2006-14), Mailman (2006-14) |- | galaxy-proteomics | General questions and discussion regarding proteomics in Galaxy. Low volume. | Nabble, Mailman |- | galaxy-france | Cette liste est destinée à l'information (et aux discussions) de la Communauté francaise Galaxy. (This list is for announcements to (and discussion within) the French Galaxy Community. Most list content is in French.) Faible volume / Low volume. | Nabble |- | galaxy-commits | Galaxy source control commit messages. | Mailman