Summary of Fall 2005 CHSL Meeting

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GMOD Architecture Work Group Discussion (Fall 2005 meeting)

During the meeting it was suggested that we have a common
database against which to test software. A first step would be to
provide Postgres dumps of existing databases.

Allen Day suggested that he will provide a Postgres dump of the database for human, yeast and mouse.

Dave Emmert from Flybase also agreed to give a Postgres dump.

Kara Dolinski will provide yeast dumps.

I agreed to make a wiki page which links to said dumps when they are up.

The testing recommendations were reviewed.

During a conversation about testing, Interface testing was brought up.

Brain O’Connor agreed on trying out some tools for interfaces testing.
Http::Unit, Apache::Test were suggested at the meeting. Eric Just
recommended looking into Selenium.

Someone suggested having resident experts on different testing frameworks to answer questions.

Gavin Sherlock was suggested as the ‘perl testing expert’. Danny Yoo
volunteered to be a contact for JUnit, Clover, log4J, PMD and testNG
(mentioned in the Java testing recommendation).

On the topic of Logging and Debugging:

Allen Day suggested using log4perl a very nice framework for debugging.

IBatis VS Hibernate

Jeff Bowes agreed on doing some use cases for IBatis and we have to
find some one who will take the responsibility on doing Hibernate use
case. Adrian from GeneDB is mentioned (volunteered). If these two
volunteers can agree on some common use cases and implement, the rest
of the group can then evaluate the technologies better.