Stock Relationship Ontology

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This page serves as an initial draft of the nascent Stock Relationship Ontology.

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stock types

  • term
    • is_a subterm

stock_relationship types

(the following is largely taken from a prior VB wiki dealing with the same issue. I've put them here as a conversation starter only - feel free to delete / alter / extend as required) Sethnr 13:12, 11 May 2010 (UTC)

individual -> individual

  • parent -> offspring
  • individual -> RNAi treated individual

individual -> group

  • parents -> offspring
  • parent -> offspring (i.e. isofem)
  • pool of individuals

group -> individual

  • individual from pool (e.g. single sequenced individual from field collection)
  • individual under gen. modification (e.g. RNAi?)

group -> group

  • sub-population from larger population
  • group->group RNAi (and other experimental manipulations)
  • bred lines from lab stocks

nd_assay_stock types

nd_assay types