Satellite Meetings - GMOD Americas 2011

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GMOD Americas 2011}}
Satellite Meetings

March 7, 2011
Durham, North Carolina, United States

Part of GMOD Americas 2011


The March 2011 GMOD Meeting will be followed with a day of Satellite Meetings. Satellite meetings are birds-of-a-feather gatherings at GMOD events where community members with common interests gather for part or all of a day to discuss and work on a topic of interest to them. This is the third event that will have satellite meetings. Previous topics include:


Topics for satellites are put forward by community members and GMOD staff. If you have a topic you would like to suggest please add it to the list below. This list will become more solid the week before the event, but topics will also likely be added during the March 2011 GMOD Meeting.

Topic Proposers and/or Organizers Time Comments
GMOD Evo Hackathon Followup Dave Clements TBD Followup meeting to the GMOD Evo Hackathon held at NESCent in November 2011.
Customizing and Extending JBrowse Mitch Skinner TBD JBrowse has a few different extension points, but they're not (yet) well-documented or widely used. The GMOD meeting would be a good time to review those APIs, relate them to the things that people want to do with them, discuss any potential changes or new APIs to support specific use cases, and potentially start to implement an extension.
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