Public Chado Databases

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Public Chado Genome Database Releases

Chado PostgreSQL Dumps

These projects provide Chado database dumps that you can copy and learn from.

Please add to this list, if you have a Chado database to share, or know of someone who does. If you have a public Chado database, please consider adding an export dump file.

 pg_dump -f mychado.dump mychado

Direct Chado Access


The following connection information is for the FlyBase Chado database. The database release available through this access point will always match the version available through our public web interface. Before each release there will be a down time of several hours while the new data is loaded.

port: 5432
username: flybase
password: no password
database name: flybase


psql -h -U flybase flybase


The following connection information is for the preliminary GeneDB Chado database. This database currently contains Plasmodium genomes; more organisms will be added during 2008. This is currently a pre-release database, which may change or disappear without warning.

port: 5432
username: genedb_ro
password: no password
database name: snapshot


psql -h -U genedb_ro snapshot