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I am pleased to announce that we released gmod-1.1 today. This release has the GMOD database schema, Chado, and a variety of tools for loading and working with the database. The release can be downloaded from the GMOD SourceForge site.

There have been many people who have helped with getting this release done and I would like to thank all of them. I would like to especially thank Rob Buels and Naama Menda and the rest of the people at the Sol Genomics Network (SGN) for their code contributions, including a pub table loader that works with PubMed and an updated version of the script to calculate cvterm closures.

There have been many changes and bug fixes since the 1.0 release just over two years ago, but the schema itself has changed very little. For a SQL summary of the changes, see Changes.sql in the release that contains SQL statements that should take a 1.0 release of the Chado schema to the 1.1 schema. See the Changes file for a full list.

If you have been using Chado from a recent svn checkout, you don't need to modify your schema at all, since the last change to the schema was about a year ago.

Now that this release is out, the plan going forward is for frequent, smaller releases, with an eye on the Natural Diversity schema modifications being worked on now.

Thanks for your continued support of the GMOD project,


Posted to the GMOD News on 2010/05/24