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The GMOD wiki now includes ImpactStory altmetrics for publications cited in the page text. See the Publications page for an example of ImpactStory altmetrics.

For those unfamiliar with the term altmetrics, these are measures beyond simple paper citations. The Altmetrics Manifesto provides the following clarification:

Altmetrics expand our view of what impact looks like, but also of what’s making the impact. This matters because expressions of scholarship are becoming more diverse. Articles are increasingly joined by:

  • The sharing of “raw science” like datasets, code, and experimental designs
  • Semantic publishing or “nanopublication,” where the citeable unit is an argument or passage rather than entire article.
  • Widespread self-publishing via blogging, microblogging, and comments or annotations on existing work.

ImpactStory collates metrics from numerous online sources to give a more complete picture of how an article, data set, piece of software, or other research product is being used and discussed. More information is available on the ImpactStory website.

We hope to add impact metrics for GMOD software soon.