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GMOD Americas 2011

GMOD Americas 2011 is now over. Almost 60 people participated in one or more events during the week.

Introduction to GMOD Session
This pre-meeting session introduced the GMOD big picture to over 20 attendees.
March 2011 GMOD Meeting
This two-day meeting featured group discussions, Eric Stone's talk on the challenges of Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel, and 15 other talks on project status and direction, component updates, and best practices.
Satellite Meetings
The satellite meetings were the most successful yet, with over 20 people in attendance at the various satellites.
2011 GMOD Spring Training
This GMOD course featured new sessions on InterMine and SOBA as well as updated sessions on Apollo, Chado, Galaxy, GBrowse, GBrowse_syn, JBrowse, MAKER, and Tripal. The course was extended by a day and featured work sessions every evening for the first time.

The next meeting will be held in October, 2011 at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) in Toronto, Canada.

Scott Cain and Dave Clements