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I am pleased to announce the official release of GBrowse 1.70. This is a bug fix release for GBrowse 1.69. It introduces no new functionality to the GBrowse portion of the application, however, GBrowse_syn is considerably improved along with documentation and a tutorial.

There will likely be one more release in the GBrowse 1 development path, which will introduce improved support for circular genomes. After that, development on this path will end and further development will focus on GBrowse 2.

GBrowse can be installed with the GBrowse netinstaller.

GBrowse 1.70 can be downloaded directly from SourceForge.

A big thanks to Lincoln Stein, the lead developer of GBrowse, Sheldon McKay, the developer of GBrowse_syn, and all of the GBrowse users who debug and provide help on the GBrowse mailing list.

Changes from 1.69 to 1.70:

  • Bug fixes for the Chado adapter, including improving wildcard searching and fixing a bug that caused ALL features on a reference sequence to be returned when the segment was at the beginning of the reference sequence.
  • Fixed Galaxy support bug which caused prevented features from multiple tracks being selected.
  • Fixed problem with feature highlighting which caused highlighting to get "stuck"on beige.
  • Removed annoying debugging statements from log files
  • Fixed character encoding issues for onClick popup balloons
  • Killed annoying "missing path" warning on windows systems
  • Fixed issue in which the selected region shown in the overview is offset from true region.
  • Silenced log file warnings when inkscape isn't present.
  • Added "merge searches" option to turn merging of similarly-named features on and off.
  • Moved Bio::DB::Das::Chado and Bio::DB::BioSQL to their own packages and out of the GBrowse distribution so they can be updated independently via CPAN
  • Fixed encoding of version number at the bottom of the page.
  • Made the DAS script compatible with DAS Registry


Posted to the GMOD News on 2009/08/24