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Ergatis Paper in Bioinformatics

The paper "Ergatis: A web interface and scalable software system for bioinformatics workflows" is now available as an advance access manuscript in the journal Bioinformatics. Ergatis "enables users to build, execute, and monitor pipelines for computational analysis of genomics data."

Ergatis now includes pipeline templates for prokaryotic genome annotation and comparative genome analysis, as well as 174 modular 'components' that can be used to create custom pipelines, all of which can be executed either locally or on large compute clusters.

New tools available that use Ergatis include CloVR, which enables bioinformatic pipeline execution in compute clouds and the recently-awarded Data Intensive Academic Grid (DIAG), which will provide a publicly-accessible Ergatis instance as one of its access methods. At the January 2010 GMOD Meeting Chris Hemmerich presented ISGA, which provides a customized, abstract interface to Ergatis designed for biologists with specific pipeline needs.

Joshua Orvis

Posted to the GMOD News on 2010/05/20