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UPDATE: We have our winners. Even still, please feel free to give the release candidate a try and let us know how it goes.

We need beta testers for the CMap 1.0 release candidate.

GMOD T Shirt

Win this shirt!

If I get four (or more) people who let me know that they will try out the release candidate, I will draw two of their names (or email addresses) and buy them each a GMOD T-shirt (based on random drawing, void where prohibited, etc). Testers from around the world are welcome (and eligible for the shirts as long as Cafe Press ships there and it isn't prohibited by law).

You can get the release candidate from SourceForge.

To view the T-shirt or get one for yourself visit Cafe Press. Note: There is no price markup for GMOD. The only one making money on the shirts is Cafe Press.

If the threshold is broken, I will hold the drawing on Friday the 15th at 1pm CST (2pm Eastern) and email the winners for their addresses and shirt sizes. If you don't want to be entered in the drawing just let me know. There is already one beta tester, so only three to go.

Remember: If no one beta tests, everyone beta tests.


Ben Faga,

Posted to the GMOD News on 2008/03/11