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GMOD puts on several types of meetings and GMOD related content is prominently featured in other meetings. This page brings all those meetings together in one place.

GMOD Community Meetings

Once or twice a year the GMOD community gathers to discuss GMOD components, usage, and direction. These meetings usually occur immediately before or after a major conference that is likely to be of interest to members of the community. These meetings are open to everyone: developers, users, and potential users. Registration is usually free or low cost.

Here's a partial list of GMOD meetings.

Meeting Location Colocated conference / Notes
2009 January San Diego, California PAG 2009
2008 July Toronto, Ontario, Canada before ISMB 2008, at OICR
2007 November Cold Spring Harbor, New York after Genome Informatics
Janaury San Diego, Callfiornia after PAG 2007
2006 June Durham, North Carolina at NESCent
2005 October Cold Spring Harbor, New York before Genome Informatics 2005
May Menlo Park, California, at SRI
2004 October Cold Spring Harbor, New York
April Cambridge, Massachusetts
2003 May Cold Spring Harbor, New York Before Genome Informatics 2003
February San Diego, California coinciding with the O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference