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Sample of several MOD Top-Level functions

Top and side bar navigation menus from Ensembl, SGD/Yeastgenome, Wormbase, TAIR /, Gramene, DDB/dictybase, RGD and MGI. (collected in November 2006)

Ensembl top-sidebar functions:
Use Ensembl to...
* Run a BLAST search
* Search Ensembl database
* Data mining [[/> * Display your own data
* Export data
* Download data

SGD] top-line functions:
Quick Search | Site Map | Help | Full Search | Contact SGD | Home
Community Info, Submit Data, BLAST, Primers, PatMatch, Gene/Seq Resources, Advanced Search, Virtual Library

SGD side-bar functions:
Search: Advanced Search, Full-text Search (Textpresso), Search SGD web pages, Global Gene Hunter, Search Literature, and more.
Help: Getting Started, Sitemap, FAQ, and more.
Analysis: BLAST, Gene/Seq Resources, Maps, and more.
Homology: PDB Homologs, Protein Domains/Motifs, Homologs, and more.
Function: Protein Info, Function Junction, Pathways, Expression Connection, and more.
Gene Ontology: GO Tutorial, What is GO?, GO Slim Mapper, GO Term Finder, and more.
Community: Search SGD colleagues, Find yeast labs, Conferences & Seminars, and more.
Submit data: Gene Registry, Community Annotation, Colleague update, Contact SGD, and more.
Download data: FTP, Batch Download, Lab strains, Auxotrophic markers, Gene Names, Sequencing Tables, SGD Lite, and more.

Wormbase top-line:
Home, Genome, Blast / Blat, WormMart, Batch Sequences, Markers, Genetic Maps,Submit, Searches, Site Map

Wormbase sidebar:
Release Notes New/Changed Genes, release notes
General Searches WormBase Class Browser, Wormbase Query Language Search, AQL Search
Sequences C. elegans Genome, C. briggsae Genome, Gene, Blast / Blat, e-PCR, Gene Ontology, Synteny Viewer, Cis-Elements (CisOrtho),
Cells and Gene Expression Cell and Pedigree, Neurons, Expression Pattern, Expression profile
Genetics, Strains, and Phenotypes Genetic interval, Rearrangements, Clone, Allele, SNPs, Markers, and Strains, Strain Report, Phenotypes, RNAi
Batch Queries WormMart [[Batch Genes, Batch Sequences
Downloads and Data Mining Bulk Downloads, Linking to WormBase and Data Mining...
Community Worm Community Discussion Forum, WormBase Wiki, Mailing Lists
About WormBase Mission Statement, User's Guide (HTML, PDF), Newsletters, Citing Wormbase, Positions available, People, Acceptable Use Policy
RSS News Feeds WormBase News, Development News, WormMart News, WormBaseWiki: New pages, Recent changes, About News Feeds TAIR] top-line:
Home,Help,Contact,About Us, Login, Search [[/> Search,Browse,Tools,Stocks,Portals,Download,Submit,News
[drop-down menus, please expand]]

Gramene top-line:
Search: Genomes-Ensembl Maps-CMap Markers QTL Diversity Genes Proteins
Pathways Ontologies Literature Sequences-BLAST All-GrameneMart
Genomes: Rice Maize Arabidopsis
Download Download Index FTP Site
Resources: Species Pages Glossary Submit a Term Links Pages Newsletters
About: Contact Us About Us Outreach Program Brochure Advisory Board Collaborators News Cite Gramene

Dictybase top-line:
Genome Browser, BLAST, dictyMart, Stock Center, Research Tools, Help,Links, Contact
down menus; please expand

RGD top-boxes:
Data; Tools; Portals; Community; Submit Data; About RGD; Help
Data: Genes QTLs SSLPs ESTs Maps
Strains Ontologies Sequences References Homologs Data Download
Tools: VCMap Repeat Masker RH Map Server Genome Scanner Genome Annotation ACP Haplotyper
Rat GBrowse HumanGBrowse Rat Gviewer BLAT BLAST MetaGene
Portals: Diseases Microarray Neurological Disease
Community: Rat Forum The Pied Piper Resource Links
Submit data: StrainRegistration GeneRegistration QTLRegistration Nomenclature Rat QTL Traits Human QTL Traits Genome Conflicts
About RGD: RGD Schema RGD News Citing RGD Our Staff Open Jobs and more ...
Help: HowDoI Glossary FAQs Contact Us

MGI Mouse Genome Database
Sidebar / Gene Detail
Search Categories
All Search Tools
Comparative Maps/Data
Mouse Maps/Data
Mouse Tumor Biology
Vocabulary Browsers
   Anatomical Dictionary
   Gene Ontology (GO)
   Human Disease (OMIM)
   Phenotype Ontology (MP)
   Protein Superfamily
Mouse GBrowse
IMSR (Find Mice)
Tools and Links

Search Menus (Front Page)
Links to advanced search forms, database reports...
All Search Tools
Genes and Markers
Phenotypes and Alleles
Strains and Polymorphisms
Gene Expression
Mammalian Orthology and Comparative Maps
Mouse Maps and Mapping Data
Mouse Tumor Biology
Probes and Clones
Vocabulary Browsers
MouseBLAST Â Â Â Â Search mouse, human, rat, and other sequence data
Mouse GBrowse     Interactive genome map browser

FlyBase top-line:
Home, Tools, Files, Species Documents, Resources, News, Help, Archives, Jump to Gene

Drop down menus
Tools: BLAST, GBrowse, QueryBuilder, TermLink, ImageBrowse, Apollo, Cytosearch, QuickSearch, Download by ID, Google FlyBase, Find a person, Update an address, Add a new person.

Files: Precomputed files, archived data, Transposons (Dmel), Transposons (Other), Vectors and Constructs, Anatomical terms, Map conversion

Species: Phylogeny, Synteny table, Drosophilidae, Abbreviations

Documents: About FlyBase, Reference manual, Nomenclature, Release notes

Resources: Links to stock centers and other Droshophila related sites.

News: News, FlyBase positions, Meetings, Courses, Fly Board, White papers, Funding, bionet.dros

Help: Google FlyBase, Site Map, FAQs, Report help, New to Flies, Pers. comm., Author guidelines, Known problems, Contact FlyBase

Archives: Prior Home Page, R4.3 BLAST, R4.3 GBrowse, Older Archives

Folks: please add to and correct as needed