Jun 2016 GMOD Meeting

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2016 GMOD Meeting

June 30 - July 1, 2016
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana, United States

Register now

GMOD will be holding a community meeting on June 30th and July 1st in Bloomington, IN, immediately after the 2016 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2016). GMOD Meetings are a mix of user and developer presentations, and are a great place to find out what is happening in the project, what's coming up, and what others are doing.

Please register online at Eventbrite by June 20th 2016. Early bird registration ends May 21.

For those who would like to present a talk or poster, the meeting registration form includes a section for submitting the presentation title and abstract.

If you have any suggestions or requests for the meeting, please contact the GMOD help desk.

About GMOD

GMOD is the Generic Model Organism Database project, a collection of interoperable open-source software components for annotating, visualizing, managing and analyzing biological data. GMOD is also an active community of software developers and biologists addressing common challenges with their data.

The GMOD suite includes widely used tools such as GBrowse and JBrowse (and WebGBrowse) for genome browsing, Apollo, Canto and MAKER for genome annotation, GBrowse_syn and CMap for comparative genomics visualization, Chado, BioMart and InterMine for data integration, management, and querying, and Galaxy and Ergatis (and ISGA) for data analysis.


Please register online at EventBrite. Early bird registration ends May 30th.

The registration fee includes lunch on June 30th.

Agenda items

More to be added as we confirm more speakers. If you are interested in giving a talk please contact the GMOD help desk.


If you require lodging, we have partnered with the 2016 Galaxy Community Conference, please go here: GCC16 registration page .

You DO NOT have to register for the GCC2016 conference to utilize housing. Just check HOUSING ONLY when registering.

"It's tempting to see bioinformatics as a collection of potential problems. Being at a GMOD meeting helps us see bioinformatics as a collection of potential solutions."
Isabelle Phan, SBRI, and past GMOD meeting participant
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