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Available on platformweb +
Has URL +, +, +, +, +, +, +, + and +
Has descriptionBrowse the genome of Ötzi the ice man + and JBrowse is a genome browser with a fully dJBrowse is a genome browser with a fully dynamic AJAX interface, being developed as the eventual successor to GBrowse. It is very fast and scales well to large datasets. JBrowse is javascript-based and does almost all of its work directly in the user's web browser, with minimal requirements for the server.


  • Fast, smooth scrolling and zooming. Explore your genome with unparalleled speed.
  • Scales easily to multi-gigabase genomes and deep-coverage sequencing.
  • Supports GFF3, BED, FASTA, Wiggle, BigWig, BAM, VCF (with tabix), REST, and more. BAM, BigWig, and VCF data are displayed directly from the compressed binary file with no conversion needed.
  • Very light server resource requirements. In fact, JBrowse has no back-end server code, just tools for formatting data files to be read directly over HTTP. Serve huge datasets from a single low-cost cloud instance.ets from a single low-cost cloud instance. +
Has development statusactive +
Has input formatGFF3 +, BED +, FASTA +, WIG +, BedGraph +, Bio::DB::* +, UCSC +, Wiggle +, BigWig + and BAM +
Has licenceLGPL + and Artistic License 2.0 +
Has logoJBrowseLogo.png +
Has software maturity statusmature +
Has support statusactive +
Has titleJBrowse demos +, Ice Man Genome +, Genomes Unzipped: Public Personal Genomics +, BeetleBase + and The Jane-Ome, medicinal marijuana project +
Has topicJBrowse +
Is open sourceYes +
Link typedownload +, social media +, website +, source code +, demo server + and wild URL +
Release date2008 +
Tool functionality or classificationGenome visualization +
Written in languageJavascript + and Perl +
Has subobjectThis property is a special property in this wiki.JBrowse# +, JBrowse# +, JBrowse# +, JBrowse# +, JBrowse# +, JBrowse#‎ +, JBrowse# +, JBrowse# + and JBrowse# +