InterMine Workshop - GMOD Europe 2010

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September 2010 GMOD Meeting

InterMine Workshop
15 September 2010
Cambridge UK
Part of GMOD Europe 2010

InterMine is an open source system for building biological data warehouses with a powerful web interface and query API. See FlyMine or ModMine for examples.

It can integrate data from many common biological formats and is easy to extend to include your own data. Parsers are included to load data from Chado, Ensembl, UniProt, KEGG, PubMed, TreeFam, GFF3, FASTA, BioPax and many others.

The web application works out of the box for querying any data is easily customisable. It provides a custom query builder, template queries for creating simple 'canned queries', upload and operations on lists, graphical and statistical widgets for analysing lists of data and MyMine accounts for saving user data.

The Workshop - 15th September 2010

The one day (9:30-17:00) workshop was a hands-on guide to setting up a new InterMine warehouse, integrating data using existing parsers and writing a custom parser in Perl or Java to add new data. We deployed and configured the web application and used it to run some example queries. We will also ran queries using the REST web service API.

The workshop was intended for software developers, and with some experience with databases and Perl or Java.

This workshop was a part of GMOD Europe 2010, a four day event including the September 2010 GMOD Meeting and a BioMart Workshop. GMOD Europe 2010 was held in Cambridge UK.


Registration is free, but required, as space is limited. Please see the GMOD Europe 2010 page for a link to the registration form. You may register for multiple events, or just the InterMine workshop.