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Facts about "InterMine"RDF feed
Available on platformweb +
Has URL +, +, +, +, +, +, + and +
Has descriptionInterMine should always be checked out in source code form + and InterMine makes it easy to integrate multiInterMine makes it easy to integrate multiple data sources into a single data warehouse. It has a core data model based on the Sequence Ontology and supports several biological data formats, just configure which organisms or data files are required. It is easy to extend the data model and integrate your own data, Java and Perl APIs and an XML format to help import custom data. Currently supported formats include Chado, GFF3, FASTA, GO and gene association files, UniProt XML, PSI XML (protein interactions), InParanoid orthologs, Ensembl, UniProt, and many others. A web application allows creation of custom queries, includes template queries (web forms to run 'canned' queries) and can upload and operate on lists of data. It is possible to configure/create widgets to analyse lists with graphs and enrichment statistics. An admin user can publish new template queries, change report pages and create public lists at any time without any programming. Many aspects of the web app can be configured and branded.the web app can be configured and branded. +
Has development statusactive +
Has input formatChado +, GFF3 +, FASTA +, GO ontology files +, GO gene association files +, UniProt XML +, PSI XML (protein interactions) +, InParanoid orthologs +, Ensembl +, Uniprot + and and many others. Custom formats can be supported through the data-source framework. +
Has licenceLGPL +
Has logoInterMineLogo.png +
Has output formatFlat files (tsv +, csv) +, JSON +, XML +, GFF3 +, BED + and FASTA +
Has software maturity statusmature +
Has support statusactive +
Has titleInterMine source at GitHub +, FlyMine +, YeastMine +, MouseMine +, RatMine +, ZMine + and WormMine +
Has topicInterMine +
Interaction typeconsumes data from +, can provide data for + and uses library for processing and loading data +
InteractorInterMine +
Interacts withJBrowse +, GBrowse +, Galaxy +, Pathway Tools + and Chado +
Is open sourceYes +
Link typedownload +, source code +, website + and wild URL +
Release date1 January 2002 +
Tool functionality or classificationDatabase tools +
Written in languageJava +, Python + and JavaScript +
Has subobjectThis property is a special property in this wiki.InterMine# +, InterMine# +, InterMine# +, InterMine# +, InterMine# +, InterMine# +, InterMine# +, InterMine# +, InterMine +, InterMine +, InterMine +, InterMine + and InterMine +