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Galaxy is a framework of interactive tools for comparative genomics, targeting both experimental and computational biologists.

Demo & Screenshots

The Galaxy screencasts and demos are located here.


  • Subversion to obtain the current code can be downloaded here.
  • Python version 2.4 or higher
  • Mac OS X currently requires Universal "Fat" Python 2.4 (the Python 2.4 build officially supported by Apple) from (direct link)
  • Galaxy runs fine in most Posix environments. It is not currently supported on Windows platforms, but necessary Python eggs can be built by those desiring to host it on Windows.


Galaxy documentation is located here.



Galaxy aims to be a zero configuration entirely self-contained system that provides a lightweight webserver, an embedded database and a multi-threaded job manager. All tools (and their parameters) can be specified via simple XML based configuration files. Galaxy download and installation information is located here.