GSOC Project Ideas 2021

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Got an idea for GSOC 2020?

Then please post it. You can either

  1. Add it here, by directly editing this page. Just copy, paste and update the template below. This requires that you have or create a login.

Projects can use a broad set of skills, technologies, and domains, such as GUIs, database integration and algorithms.

Students are also encouraged to propose their own ideas related to our projects. If you have strong computer skills and have an interest in biology or bioinformatics, you should definitely apply! Do not hesitate to propose your own project idea: some of the best applications we see are by students that go this route. As long as it is relevant to one of our projects, we will give it serious consideration. Creativity and self-motivation are great traits for open-source programmers.

Proposed project ideas for 2021

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  • Project Idea Name (Project Name/Lab Name)
    • Brief explanation: Brief description of the idea, including any relevant links, etc.
    • Expected results: describe the outcome of the project idea.
    • Project Home Page URL: if there is one.
    • Project paper reference and URL: Is there a paper about the project this effort will be a part of?
    • Knowledge prerequisites: programming language(s) to be used, plus any other particular computer science skills needed.
    • Skill level: Basic, Medium or Advanced.
    • Mentors: name + contact details of the lead mentor, name + contact details of 1 or 2 backup mentors.