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GMODWeb Needs Your Help!

21 November 2007

The GMODWeb component is currently in need of a champion and developer to support it. GMODWeb is a Perl tool that rides on top of Turnkey and generates a basic web site interface for a Chado database.

If you are interested please contact Scott Cain [[1]] or Lincoln Stein [[2]].

November 2007 GMOD Meeting

8 November 2007

The November 2007 GMOD Meeting was attended by nearly 40 people from across the GMOD community. Community annotation and comparative genomics were two particularly hot topics at this meeting. See November 2007 GMOD Meeting for a list of presentations and a summary of the meeting.

Flybase Now Uses Chado

1 September 2007

This summer FlyBase converted its schema to Chado, the modular GMOD database schema.


ISMB/Bioinformatics Chado Paper

13 July 2007

The paper 'A Chado case study: an ontology-based modular schema for representing genome-associated biological information' by Chris Mungall, Dave Emmert, and The FlyBase Consortium was presented at [ ISMB/ECCB 2007, and is now available in the journal Bioinformatics.

The paper describes the overall Chado philosophy and the 5 core Chado modules.