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News that is relevant to the GMOD user and developer communities. This shows the most recent news items. To see all news items since Fall of 2007, go to the GMOD News Archives. If you have a news item you want added here, please see Adding a News Item below. Also see the GMOD Calendar and Events List.

This GMOD News is also available as an RSS feed. {{#icon: RSSIcon16x16.gif|RSS feed||}}

News Items

GMOD News Feed}}
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See all GMOD News Items {{#icon: RSSIcon16x16.gif|GMOD News Feed}}
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News Archives

The GMOD News Archives lists all news items since fall of 2007.

Adding a News Item

Note: If you don't want to do this on your own, please send the item to the GMOD Help Desk and we will post it for you.

The GMOD News is both an RSS feed, and a two wiki pages (including this one), generated by that RSS feed. Adding a GMOD news item adds it to the RSS feed, which causes it to then show up on the GMOD News and GMOD News Archives pages. It also causes a link to show in the GMOD News list on the home page.

Please follow these guidelines when adding a news item.

  1. Create a new page named "News/News Item Title". Please make News Item Title be as short as possible, and no more 35 characters at most. The page must start with News/, otherwise it won't be picked by the RSS news feed.
  2. Enter the text of your news item.
    • Make the news item succinct.
    • Do not start the item with a MediaWiki header ("== Header =="). It won't render very well. You should be able to avoid headers altogether.
    • The first link in the news item should point to the page/URL you want the RSS feed to link to. For example, the first link in a news item about Chado could point to the Chado page.
    • You can include images in your news item. See preexisting news items for what markup to use to do this.
  3. Preview / save your changes. Edit and save the page until the news item looks like you want.

Once you are completely happy with how the item looks, insert this line at the end of it:


Where yyyy/mm/dd is the current date. Once you save the page, this line will cause it to be added to the GMOD News RSS feed. The item will show up in the feed within an hour.

Once you have added the NewsItem template and saved the page, try to avoid editing the page after that. Every edit results in the news item being reposted to the RSS feed. If you do need to update an item later on, you may do so, but please also update the NewsItem line:

{{NewsItem|yyyy/mm/dd, updated yyyy/mm/dd}}