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This page or section is under construction.

This page describes how users, developers, and software become a part of GMOD.


To become a GMOD, just download and install one or more GMOD Components. That's it. There is no mandatory registration process, and you don't have to meet any set of requirements. GMOD is open to everyone.

You are encouraged to sign up to the (low-volume) GMOD Announce mailing list, and to the mailing list(s) for the components that you use. You can also subscribe to the GMOD News RSS feed. These will help keep you up to date on both the project and the components you use.

Come on in - the water's fine.


Developers are users who also contribute code back to the project. In the early days of GMOD every user was also a developer. This is no longer true, but every user can still become a developer.

There are several ways to become a developer:

  • You can write fixes or additions to GMOD Components that you already use, and then send the code (or a link to it) to the [[GMOD Mailing Lists|mailing list(s)] for that component. If the update is widely usefule, the lead developer(s) for the component will then fold it in to the component and your fix will be included in the next release.
  • You can become a developer with commit privileges and directly submit your updates to the source code repository for that component. This is a good option if you contribute code frequently. To get commit privileges you need to ask one of the developers already working on the component.
  • Finally, you can become a developer by contributing a new component to GMOD. See Software below for how to do that.

Developers are also encouraged to sign up for the GMOD Developer mailing list (and maybe GMOD Architecture as well).