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This list contains most of the mailing lists relevant to GMOD. This table does not contain the more technical lists that automatically deliver every change or commit to the GMOD CVS repositories, see SourceForge for these mailing lists. Nabble has a GMOD mail mirror of these lists, which helps as the SourceForge mail services, especially searches, are (often) unavailable.

Overview Lists

Topic List Link Comment
Announcements gmod-announce (SourceForge) Low volume GMOD announcements. Moderated.
Architecture gmod-architecture (SourceForge) GMOD architecture working group list. Very low traffic.
GMOD Developers List gmod-devel (SourceForge) General GMOD developer list.

Component Lists

Mailing lists about specific GMOD Components.

Component List Link Comment
Apollo apollo ( Apollo mailing list
BioMart mart-dev BioMart mailing list
Chado gmod-schema (SourceForge) All Chado issues
CMap gmod-cmap (SourceForge) CMap mailing list
GBrowse gmod-gbrowse (SourceForge) GBrowse mailing list
GBrowse gmod-ajax (SourceForge) AJAX enabled GBrowse (GBrowse 3.0) project.
MAKER The MAKER genome annotation pipeline does not have a mailing list. Contact Mark Yandell <> with any questions.
Modware gmod-ware-users (SourceForge) Modware mailing list.
Ontologies (~ Chado CV Module) gmod-ontol-sw-dev (SourceForge) Coordination of software and architecture for ontologies.
Pathway Tools biocyc-users ( Pathway Tools users mailing list.
PubSearch gmod-pubsearch-dv (SourceForge) PubSearch mailing list.
Textpresso There is no mailing list for Textpresso. Use the Textpresso Feedback Form to ask questions. See the User Guidefor help.
Turnkey turnkey-devel (SourceForge) Turnkey mailing list.

Inactive Lists

As of December 2007, these lists have not had postings in the past 12 months.

Name Link Comment
gmod-chado-seq-ad SourceForge Last post November 2006.
gmod-citrina SourceForge Citrina mailing list. Last post June 2006. Citrina is no longer supported by GMOD.
gmod-gene-page SourceForge Last post December 2005.
gmod-resources SourceForge Last post July 2005.
gmod-web-dev SourceForge No archive exists. Probably inactive, replaced by turnkey-devel