GMOD Evo Hackathon Proposal

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NESCent Hackathon on GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology


The GMOD Evo Hackathon aims to bring together experts in evolutionary biology, software, and bioinformatics to design and implement enhancements for GMOD tools, improving their support for evolutionary biology.


The GMOD project is a confederation of open-source projects developing software tools for storing, managing, curating, and publishing biological data. GMOD tools are used by many large and small biological databases. While these software tools provide a powerful and feature-rich basis for working with biological data, many GMOD tools lack features needed to effectively support evolutionary biology.

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The ideas for this hackathon .....

Specific objectives

Organizers and participants have identified the following broad objectives for guiding work at the event. During the event, participants will refine and distill these into concrete implementation objectives.

  • Alignment metadata
  • Population diversity support for chado and associated application connectivity (a la GDPDM)
  • Evolutionary phenotype data in chado
  • GBrowse_syn compatibility with SAM data
  • Chado change management, release process, schema versioning

The hackathon concentrates on writing code. All code and documentation will be made available immediately and freely to the community under an OSI-approved open source license.


Participants will split into subgroups at the event. The composition and tasks of the subgroups will be guided by the overall objectives, but will otherwise emerge and be self-determined by the participants prior to and at the event.


Participation will be arranged by invitation and by self-nomination followed by review. If you are interested in participating, please contact one of the organizers.

Participants List


Organizing Committee: Sheldon McKay, Hilmar Lapp, Nicole Washington, Scott Cain, Robert Buels

Time & Venue: The hackathon is tentatively scheduled to take place June 7-11, 2010 at NESCent in Durham, North Carolina.

Agenda: The agenda of the event will be posted here once developed by the participants.


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