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GMOD is a large project with many components and this page aims to give you some pointers on where you can start.

Useful Pages

  • Overview is a broad introduction, that does not assume any prior knowledge of computing. This is an excellent place to start.
  • GMOD Components is a complete list of the components in GMOD. This list can appear daunting, but it gives you a good idea of what sorts of things are available from GMOD.
    • If you already know the specific component you want to use (e.g. GBrowse, Apollo, CMap, ...) you can type the component name in the search box and go directly to the page for that component.
  • ParameciumDB describes how ParameciumDB implemented GMOD at their web site.
  • Getting Started with Chado discusses GMOD's relational database schema. Chado is useful for organizing your data and is also integrated with several other GMOD components.
  • Computing Requirements discusses what sort of computing support you will need to install and run GMOD components.

Getting Advice

If you need advice or help you can write to one of a number of GMOD mailing lists, these tend to focus on more technical aspects. Another good resource is the GMOD Help Desk - feel free to write them with questions on any type, they are tasked with providing support to newcomers and experts alike.

See Support for more information.