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GBrowse_syn User Interface Help

Search Section

GBS Search Section.png


GBS Landmark.png

  • The landmark input box accepts segment labels in the form:
reference sequence:start..end
  • In some cases, gene names and other landmarks can also be entered. Support for searching other classes depends on the configuration for the species' data source.
  • Note, make sure you have selected the correct reference species before clicking the 'Search' button.

Reference Species

GBS ref Species.png

  • This is the species that occupies the center panel in the alignment display.
  • Alignments for other species are shown with reference to this coordinate system.
  • Select the species from the pull-down menu and check boxes (see below) to select which species should be aligned to the reference sequence.

Aligned Species

GBS aln Species.png

  • Configured species (except for the reference species) for the selected data source will be listed here.
  • By checking each box, you indicate that alignments for this species, if available, should be displayed relative to the reference species.

Display Mode

GBS Display Mode1.png   GBS Display Mode2.png

  • The display mode will be either 'expanded' (the default) or 'compact'

The compact display shows all aligned species in a single panel GBS compact.png

The expanded display shows the reference species plus two aligned species per panel and repeats the display panel as many times as required to display all aligned species relative to the reference species. GBS expanded.png

Display Settings

Image widths

Image options