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GBrowse_syn User Interface Help

GBrowse_syn is a GBrowse based synteny viewer. This page provides help on using GBrowse_syn. See the GBrowse_syn page for other information on GBrowse_syn.

Search Section

GBS Search Section.png


GBS Landmark.png

  • The landmark input box accepts segment labels in the form:
reference sequence:start..end
  • In some cases, gene names and other landmarks can also be entered. Support for searching other classes depends on the configuration for the species' data source.
  • Note, make sure you have selected the correct reference species before clicking the 'Search' button.

Reference Species

GBS ref Species.png

  • This is the species that occupies the center panel in the alignment display.
  • Alignments for other species are shown with reference to this coordinate system.
  • Select the species from the pull-down menu and check boxes (see below) to select which species should be aligned to the reference sequence.

Aligned Species

GBS aln Species.png

  • Configured species (except for the reference species) for the selected data source will be listed here.
  • By checking each box, you indicate that alignments for this species, if available, should be displayed relative to the reference species.

Data Source

GBS Datasource.png

  • This pull-down menu lists all available data sets configured for the synteny browser.
  • Each item in this list corresponds to a sourcename.synconf configuration file.
  • If only one data source is available this menu will not appear.

Display Mode

GBS Display Mode1.png   GBS Display Mode2.png

  • The default display mode is to have the refernce species plus two aligned species per panel.
    • This mode is best suited to displaying all sequences on roughly the same scale.
  • The other display mode is

GBS compact.png

GBS expanded.png

  • The display mode can be toggled between expanded and compact by clicking the link shown above or via a pull-down menu on the "Display Settings" section

Display Settings

GBS Display Settings.png

Image widths

Image options