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The Generic Synteny Browser

{{#icon: GBrowse_syn_logo.png|GBrowse_syn|200|}}
GBrowse_syn, as implemented at WormBase

GBrowse_syn, or the Generic Synteny Browser, is a GBrowse-based synteny browser designed to display multiple genomes, with a central reference species compared to two or more additional species.  It can be used to view multiple sequence alignment data, synteny or co-linearity data from other sources against genome annotations provided by GBrowse. GBrowse_syn is included with the standard GBrowse package (version 1.69 and later).  Working examples can be seen at TAIR, WormBase, and SGN.

If you use GBrowse_syn in for a publication, please cite:

McKay SJ, Vergara IA and Stajich, J. 2010. "Using the Generic Synteny Browser (Gbrowse_syn)" in Current Protocols in Bioinformatics (Wiley Interscience) doi: 10.1002/0471250953.bi0912s31

Notes on Whole Genome Alignment Data

The focus of this documentation is on the GBrowse_syn application. However, how to generate whole genome alignments, identify orthologous regions, etc, are the subject of considerable interest, so some background reading is listed below:



The Alignment data

User interface


Mailing List Link Description Archive(s)
GBrowse & GBrowse_syn gmod-gbrowse GBrowse and GBrowse_syn users and developers. Gmane, Nabble (2010/05+), Sourceforge
gmod-gbrowse-cmts Code updates. Sourceforge


See the discussion page for notes on developing GBsyn (as it is affectionately abbreviated).

Presentations and Workshops

The GBrowse_syn logo was created by Darek Lakey, a participant in the Spring 2010 Logo Program, while a design student at Linn-Benton Community College.

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