GBrowse Plugins

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An annotated list of GBrowse plugins with pointers to more detailed documentation, where available. See: Creating GBrowse Plugins. 
BLASTs an input sequence against the current display, with hits as new sequence features. 
Prints out a multiple alignment of the selected features. 
Highlights features whose properties match certain criteria. 
Dumps out the currently displayed genomic segment or the segments corresponding to the given accessions, in the requested format. 
Blats an input against the genome of the current organism. 
Dumps a tab delimited file that can be read by CMap. 
Creates a Blast-formatted database from a Bio::DB::GFF database 
Dumps out the currently displayed genomic segment in decorated FASTA format. 
Filters the features. 
A front end to Phil Green's GeneFinder program. 
Dumps various versions of GFF. 
Finds sequence specific motifs using Position Frequency Matrix. 
Finds oligos between 11 and 50 bp in length. 
Authenticate users using Pluggable Authentication Modules. 
Dumps translated protein sequences in various formats. 
Real-time design PCR primers for a selected region. 
Generates random genes, designed to demonstrate annotator plugins. 
Generates a restriction map on the current view. 
Digital signal processing of DNA sequences. 
Submit selected sequences to external web sites 
Filter and highlight the track listing according to keywords 
A simple test of the authentication plugin system that looks for a hardcoded username/password. 
Used to test that the dump architecture is working properly. 
Your cool plugin described here...