GBrowse Plugins

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An annotated list of GBrowse plugins with pointers to more detailed documentation, where available. See: creating plugins.

  • BLASTs an input sequence against the current display, with hits as new sequence features.
  • prints out a multiple alignment of the selected features.
  • AttributeHiliter highlights features whose properties match certain criteria.
  • dumps out the currently displayed genomic segment or the segments corresponding to the given accessions, in the requested format.
  • BLATs an input against the genome of the current organism.
  • dumps a tab delimited file that can be read by CMap.
  • creates a Blast-formatted database from a Bio::DB::GFF database
  • dumps out the currently displayed genomic segment in decorated FASTA format.
  • filters the features.
  • a front end to Phil Green's GeneFinder program.
  • dumps various versions of GFF.
  • finds sequence specific motifs using Position Frequency Matrix.
  • finds oligos between 11 and 50 bp in length.
  • ProteinDumper dumps translated protein sequences in various formats.
  • real-time design PCR primers for a selected region.
  • generates random genes, designed to demonstrate annotator plugins.
  • [[RestrictionAnnotator generates a restriction map on the current view.
  • digital signal processing of DNA sequences.
  • submit selected sequences to external web sites
  • used to test that the dump architecture is working properly.
  • your cool plugin described here...