Extending Embedding and Customizing JBrowse

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Result of discussions at GMOD satellite meeting, March 2011

Potential upcoming changes to JSON format:


TODO/wishlist for JBrowse:

  • namespace CSS
  • putting track list into separate DOM element (e.g., Drupal "block")
  • Browser API: anything you can do manually
  • Hooks:
  * featureCreate: has access to: feature data, feature HTML element, can:
     * style the element, and
     * add callbacks to the element
  * featureEventHooks:

{{{ { click: function(feature array, HTML element, getAttr, event)

 mouseover: function(...
 mouseout: ...
 [DOM event name]: [callback function]


current approach:

fields: { "start": 1,

 "end": 2,
 "strand": 3,


changing to: getAttr }}}