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Available on platformlinux +, unix + and os x +
Date published2009 +
Has DOI10.1093/bioinformatics/btp097 +
Has PMCIDPMC2660880 +
Has PMID19254921 +
Has URL +
Has authorStewart AC +, Osborne B + and Read TD +
Has descriptionDIYA (Do-It-Yourself Annotator) is a modulDIYA (Do-It-Yourself Annotator) is a modular and configurable open source pipeline framework, written in Perl, used for the rapid annotation of microbial genome sequences. The software is currently used to take nucleotide sequence contigs as input, either in the form of complete genomes or the result of shotgun sequencing, and produce an annotated sequence.


Active development of DIYA is currently on hiatus, pending the hiring of additional people to work on it. Andrew Stewart, one of DIYA's developers also has plans to convert the DIYA modules into a series of Galaxy modules.
dules into a series of Galaxy modules. +
Has development statusinactive +
Has full nameDo-It-Yourself Annotator +
Has input formatFASTA +, GFF + and Genbank +
Has licenceGnu GPL +
Has logoDIYALogo.png +
Has output formatFASTA +, GFF + and Genbank +
Has publication detailsBioinformatics (Oxford, England) 25: 962-3 +
Has software maturity statusbeta release +
Has support statusinactive +
Has titleDIYA: a bacterial annotation pipeline for any genomics lab. +
Has topicDIYA +
Interaction typeprovides input for +
InteractorDIYA +
Interacts withGBrowse +
Is open sourceYes +
Link typedownload + and website +
Published inBioinformatics (Oxford, England) +
Release date2008 +
Tool functionality or classificationGenome annotation +, Workflow management + and Tool integration +
Written in languagePerl +
Has subobjectThis property is a special property in this wiki.DIYA# + and DIYA +