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The community module provides a directory of people, labs, and organizations
involved in research of a model organism. All of these groups will be able
to register, and update their contact information and research interests in
a secure manner. The community module will also include a job board that allows
users to create and manage job postings. Furthermore, the community module
can act as a central management point for MOD user accounts.
The community module uses a relational database, a Servlets and JSP engine,
and the Struts Web application framework.
Other Benefits for MOD developers
  • Use of cascading style sheets(CSS), XSL, and separation of application and
    presentation logic allows individual MODs to make substantial changes to the
    look and feel of the community module without touching the modules application
  • The Struts framework provides strong support for internationalization (e.g.,
    making interfaces available in several different languages).
Demo & Screenshot
Latest demo
Currently, the community database schema is a standalone database built
on an IBM DB2 relational database. However, it will soon be ported to Postgres
and will be fully integrated with the Chado Schema. The community module requires
a Java servlet engine satisfying the Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 specs; Tomcat
4.1.3 is an example of a supporting servlet engine.
  • Database
  • Javadoc based technical documentation will be provided in the future.
'Jeff Bowes