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{{ {{{template}}} | name = Apollo | full_name = | status = Mature release | dev = development inactive | os = mac, win, linux, unix | logo = ApolloLogo.png | home = http://apollo.berkeleybop.org/ | about = Apollo is a GUI [graphical user interface]-based tool for editing genome annotations. Like GBrowse, Apollo allows users to scroll and zoom in on areas of interest in a sequence; authorized users can edit annotations and write the changes back to the underlying database. Apollo can run off GFF3 or a Chado database, and it can also integrate with remote services, such as BLAST and Primer BLAST analyses. Apollo is a standalone Java application. | screenshot = | public_server = | dl = Apollo executables for several platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and generic Unix) are available from the Apollo web site.

The Apollo source code (only needed if you plan to modify Apollo) is available from SourceForge via SVN.

| dl_url = http://apollo.berkeleybop.org/current/install.html | dl_src = | dl_dev = | getting_started_preamble = A comprehensive guide to installing and using Apollo is available from the Apollo user guide. | req = Apollo requires JDK 1.5 or higher. | install = Installation instructions are available from the Apollo website. | config = | doc = * Apollo Javadocs

| papers = * Apollo: a community resource for genome annotation editing. PMID:19439563 [1]

  • Apollo: a sequence annotation editor. PMID:12537571 [2] PDF

| presentations = * Community Annotation at ParameciumDB - Linda Sperling's presentation on ParameciumDB's Community Annotation process at the November 2007 GMOD Meeting.

| tutorials = ; Apollo Tutorial

The Apollo session from the 2009 GMOD Summer Schools.
Apollo tutorials at the Dynamic Gene web site.
Flash based tutorials on how to use Apollo, using rice as an example. Sections of particular interest are
  • Annotation - how to use Apollo
  • Resources - how to download sample data and install Apollo on an MS Windows system.

| wild_urls = | mail =

Mailing List Link Description Archive(s)
Apollo and WebApollo apollo Apollo and WebApollo mailing list Gmane (2008/04-2010/10), Nabble (2010/05+)
gmod-apollo-cmts Apollo and WebApollo code updates.

Please submit bug reports to the Apollo bug tracker at Sourceforge. | logo_info = The Apollo logo was created by Audra Radke, a participant in the Spring 2010 Logo Program, while a design student at Linn-Benton Community College.

| dev_ppl = | dev_status = Apollo's functionality is being migrated to the Web as an extension to JBrowse. For further information please see the WebApollo pages.

| contact_email = | formats = | see_also = | dl_src_url = https://sourceforge.net/projects/gmod/files/Apollo/ | dl_dev_url = | demo_server = | survey_link = Apollo }}
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