2010 GMOD Summer School - Americas

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2010 GMOD Summer School - Americas
6-9 May, 2009
Durham, NC, USA


The 2010 GMOD Summer School - Americas was held 6-9 May at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) in Durham, North Carolina. Like previous GMOD Summer Schools, this course focused on installing, configuring and integrating popular GMOD Components.


The program will feature 4 full days of hands-on training starting with an overview of GMOD, and then covering the installation, configuration, and administration of several popular GMOD Components.

The 2010 program will be very similar to what was offered in 2009. A few things will change, but the core will stay the same.


Sessions will be taught be the developers of the components


The course requires a minimal level of Linux systems administration knowledge (see Computing Requirements). By "a minimal level of Linux systems administration knowledge" we mean that participants should be comfortable installing packages under Linux. A good benchmark for this level of knowledge is that you should be able to get a basic GBrowse installation (that is, GBrowse without MySQL) up and running with the example GBrowse data. This also requires installing Apache, and BioPerl and all its dependencies.

Getting a basic GBrowse up and running on your system will be assigned as homework to be done prior to the course's start.

System Requirements

VMware http://www.vmware.com}} Participants are required to bring their own laptops, already capable of running a VMware system image.

The course started with getting a VMware image built specifically for the course up and running on your machine. We then built upon that image in each succeeding session.

VMware on Windows and Linux
A free VMware player is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems from VMware. You will need to register to download it.

VMware on Mac OS X

Participants can also bring newer Macs with Intel processors. The Intel processor is a requirement for all the packages discussed below.

There is no free VMware player that runs directly under Mac OS X. However, there are several other options, all of which require an Intel Mac:

VMware Fusion
VMware Fusion ($80) allows you to run VMware images, Windows and Linux under Mac OS. We recommend this option for Mac users. There is a fully functional, 30 day free trial version of VMware Fusion available for download.

Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Boot Camp
Boot Camp

The Leopard release of Mac OS (10.5) includes Boot Camp, a feature that allows you to boot your Mac into another operating system, including Windows or Linux. From there you can install the VMware player for your OS.*

* Apple tells you that you can partition your disk drive at any time using Boot Camp. In practice, this appears to only work easily when you first get your system.


This course is free thanks to NIH grant 1R01HG004483-01 under Ian Holmes, and to the grants of the individual instructors.


Registrations for the course will be competitive. Last year there were over 50 applications for the 25 slots. We will start taking applications for the summer school in late January 2010. Watch this page, the GMOD News, or the GMOD Mailing Lists for the announcements.