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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20070213150220" timestamp="2007-02-13T15:02:20Z" ns="0" title="Summary of Fall 2005 CHSL Meeting" />
        <page value="20070213150252" timestamp="2007-02-13T15:02:52Z" ns="0" title="January 2007 GMOD meeting agenda" />
        <page value="20070329013225" timestamp="2007-03-29T01:32:25Z" ns="0" title="MOD User Interface Caucus" />
        <page value="20070329013546" timestamp="2007-03-29T01:35:46Z" ns="0" title="MOD Face Talks" />
        <page value="20070329013707" timestamp="2007-03-29T01:37:07Z" ns="0" title="MOD User Interfaces: outline of topics" />
        <page value="20070329013739" timestamp="2007-03-29T01:37:39Z" ns="0" title="Face Caucus UCSC: User Interface Issues" />
        <page value="20070405170939" timestamp="2007-04-05T17:09:39Z" ns="0" title="About the GMOD Working Group" />
        <page value="20070405171442" timestamp="2007-04-05T17:14:42Z" ns="0" title="Software Testing Recommendations" />
        <page value="20070405171608" timestamp="2007-04-05T17:16:08Z" ns="0" title="Questions on Testing" />
        <page value="20070406140250" timestamp="2007-04-06T14:02:50Z" ns="0" title="May 2003 GMOD Meeting" />